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“I feel truly blessed to have found Jack, and he will always be my lawyer and advisor moving forward on all matters. If you are wrong, he will tell you. If you are right, he will tell you and, more importantly he will be able to tell the courts in a way they can understand. You are going to be in a much better place having him on your side than being on the opposing team.”

Jonathan Davis

“I am grateful that Mr. Ternan agreed to take our case. He can explain the law clearly to courts and lay people and can present all options at every level of the court system. The other side had three law firms just to handle him.”

Beth Carruth

“I am a litigation attorney, and I turned to Jack Ternan to represent me in an important case. He can impress judges and arbitrators with his knowledge of the law and is not afraid to go head-to-head with prominent opponents—and win!”

Greggory A. Teeter, Esq.