Other Civil Litigation

In addition to matters involving Business & Commercial Litigation, the Ternan Law Firm, PLLC is available to represent individuals and entities involved in other civil disputes.  In particular, the Firm will represent individuals and entities in disputes involving:

  •     Breach of Contract
  •     Construction & Builder Litigation
  •     Constitutional Law & Civil Rights
  •     Homeowner Rights & Homeowner Associations
  •     Open Government
  •     Products Liability
  •     Will Contests & Estate Disputes

The Firm does not represent clients in family law disputes.

For these civil litigation matters, the Firm charges a fee for its services on an hourly or flat fee basis.  The Firm also charges its clients for expenses incurred in the course of a representation, and the Firm does not advance or pay litigation expenses for clients.

Other Civil Litigation

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Jack Ternan


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