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A Message from the Firm's Founder and Managing Attorney:

Jack Ternan

Our History

I grew up in Plano, Texas and watched the fields transform into subdivisions and office parks.  Collin County’s growth has increased the need for legal services, and the Ternan Law Firm, PLLC was founded to address the increasingly complex legal problems of our community.  Although Collin County has become far more than a suburban community, many local businesses and individuals still look to Dallas for legal advice.  I believe the sophistication of our community should be reflected in the caliber of our lawyers, and the Ternan Law Firm strives to bring big city legal services to our big cities.

I also founded the Ternan Law Firm to offer clients an atypical business model for their legal needs.  The Firm seeks to combine new technologies, lower operating costs, and  "of counsel" relationships between lawyers to deliver high quality legal services at competitive prices while aligning the needs of the Firm's clients with the needs of the Firm's professionals.

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